William Lane Craig: Looking at the Interplay between Premise 1 and 2 of Liebniz' Cosmological Argument

I drive quite a bit for my job. As I drive, occasionally I will look in my rear view mirror and notice a car behind me which I would swear had not been there when I looked only seconds before. (Fortunately, it is rarely a police car with lights flashing.) Moreover, I don't remember passing any side streets or driveways where the car could have entered the road. When it does happen, I find myself wondering, "Where did that car come from?" In my more fanciful moments I speculate that perhaps it somehow materialized behind me, effectively created ex nihilo, and hadn't actually just pulled into place behind me from some street entrance I overlooked. (If no one has written this into a short story already, some enterprising science fiction writer could write a pretty cool story about how a person lives in a universe where stuff just pops into place out of nothing.)

Naturally, I know that the car didn't just appear ex nihilo. However, I cannot prove it. Still, I know f…

No one Expects the Spanish Inquisition!

In his most recent post on Cadre Comments BK writes: "There is no question that Christianity in the West is under attack from some in the public square."[1] BK wrote a fine article and he identifies five areas of attack: "(1) Biblical patriarchy is little more than a mask for men’s will to power; (2) Christians view the Bible as something which allows them to keep their power and privilege – it’s a product of its times; (3) Christianity is the Enemy of Science; (4) the Spanish Inquisition was a bloodbath motivated by religious fanaticism; and (5) Christianity promotes Victimhood Culture." BK focuses on 4. He discusses a book by Dr. Foley and quotes him as saying:
The Spanish Inquisition has become a favorite bludgeon to use against the Catholic Church in particular and against Christianity in general – to “prove” that Christians who care about sound doctrine are repressive, bloodthirsty, and insanely power-hungry. Reports of its atrocities are greatly exaggerated. I…

Unmasking a Cahn Artist

I make it a habit to go after end times con artists like John Hagee and Jack van Impe. Jonathan Cahn is just the latest in that string, and recently, the Christian Research Institute posted a review I did of Cahn's latest crackpot effort to wrestle the prophetic out of the mundane. Enjoy the lunacy.

Responding to the “Crimes of Christianity”; The Inquisition

“[What] we have today is worse than ignorance of the Bible. It is contempt for it. Just about anyone who quotes the Bible, let alone says it is the source of his or her values, is essentially regarded as a simpleton who is anti-science, anti-intellectual and sexist.” ~ Dennis Prager, Jewish thinker and nationally syndicated talk show host, from I’m Back, Here’s Where I’ve Been. There is no question that Christianity in the West is under attack from some in the public square. While Christians are still able to worship as they choose and to follow their faith (as long as they do so in private), one would need to be blind to overlook the effort by some to turn the public perception of Christianity as being backwards, ignorant and responsible for hatred. For example, in May 2011 the Huffington Post, the left-leaning Internet website, published an article entitled If You’re a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong by Cenk Uygur wherein Uygur expressed what I cannot doubt is the view of…

Answering the "no Tomb" theory: for Pix

The no Tomb theory say Jesus was given burial like most crucifixion victims, the body disposed if  in a mass grave or garbage dump with no real rites or blessing, and no trace of an individual burial. Pix argues this in comment section in response to my last posting on this blog. I used to argue this stuff morning, noon,ad night on message boards That was many year ago,I mishandled my arguments because I just foot how it works,

Pix essentially argues that Jesus was crucified as King of the Jews by the Romans and the and they would not give him a proper burial because he was an enemy of Rome, I realize the charge was BS and mark even says Pilate saw through it, But I forgot there is still a reason why the Sanhedrin wanted him killed by the Roans for political subtrahend.  They feared losing support of the people. They wanted the Romans to take the heat.So they needed hi to be killed saying he;s king of the Jews, The Romans obliged even Pilate saw through the excuse,

Pix thinks this means…